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It's never been easier to find the right voice over for your project.
With thousands of
voice over artists online today, choosing the most appropriate voice for your voice over profect can be daunting. Voice Over is designed to narrow down your selection process from the very beginning.

Simply select the voice over category that meets your specifications. Then choose the voice delivery style under each category. Each link takes your directly to the voice over demos where you can choose between male voice overs and female voice overs.

With each voice talent you will find their appropriate demos and contact information. This way you only need to contact the voice over artists you wish. At Voice Over, each voice over artist can be contacted directly. If you need assistance in any way, contact us.

What makes Voice Over Select different than most other voice talent directories?

Voice Over Select is owned and operated by SpotWorks Radio Creative & Production. While the main purpose of this site is to promote our voice talents to clients surfing the internet for talent, we actively promote our voice artists to clients who seek our production services as well. Read our policy below and if you have any questions, feel free to call or email us. Contact

SpotWorks Radio Production "Voice Over Select" Policy:

While SpotWorks desires to utilize all voice talents on Voice Over Select throughout the year, we make no guarantees that annual subscription fees will be subsidized by work coming directly from our production sites.  The main purpose of Voice Over Select remains to be the promotion of voice talents listings through search listings, pay per click advertising, links and referrals from our production web site at

All clients who contact Voice Over Select through our contact or our email address at will be referred back to the voice talents on Voice Over Select for all projects.  If by choice the client does not contact the selected voice talent directly, Voice Over Select will act on the voice talent's behalf to secure voice over work from the client.

Voice Over Talents, read our online news release and learn more about our voice over talent directory. List your demos for targeted marketing of your voice to potential clients. Voice Over is the first voice over directory to provide niche categories for ad agencies, marketing firms, and individual clients. Learn more here.


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